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The New Smyrna Beach mayor is one of five votes. The role of the mayor is to lead the team. I will work with the commissioners to accomplish these priorities.


1.     Assess City Manager, Attorney and Clerk job performance. Verify they have the tools to do their jobs. Turn perspective to view New Smyrna as a Residents’ Community.

·   Mandate transparency and accuracy in information for residents and local businesses.

·   Order an operational audit from an independent organization.

2.     Get all city meetings live-streamed and recorded audio/video.

3.     Canvass residents, businesses and visitors for missing services and businesses.

4.     Involve residents and businesses in the local government.

·   Recruit local experts. We have a broad range of knowledge in the community from environment to budget analysis.

·   Establish citizen advisory boards to research, advise on and make recommendations for complex city issues.

·   Establish 6-10 neighborhood councils to review localized conditions and concerns.

·   Establish Beachside and Mainland Business councils

5.     Establish a Citizens Ethics Commission to both advise and review.

6.     Get employee cars off Flagler. Use carts to transport employees. This will open at least 200 parking spaces and reduce congestion.

7.     Get map of city-owned properties and list of city-owned facilities. Do a cost/benefit analysis.

8.     Meet with Utilities Commission board to review plans for adequate and resilient services for current and emerging requirements as well as emergencies.

9.     Meet with cable & cell phone providers to review plans for adequate and resilient services for current and emerging requirements as well as emergencies.

10.  Examine approved development plans [PUDs]

·   Verify studies and permits are current and compliant.

·   Review plans based on environmental impact, infrastructure and public safety.

11.  Give preferential treatment in city projects to local businesses.

12.  Review skilled job training programs at DSC and NSBHS. Determine what they need to increase graduation rates.

13.  Put a weekly “Letter to NSB” in the Hometown News.

14.  Compare city compensation packages to other comparable municipalities.

15. Review fees and fines for increases.

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