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  • Born in Pittsburgh; Philadelphia for high school & the University of Pennsylvania
  • Married, had 2 daughters and became a single mother.
  • Moved to San Jose to be near sister and her family.
  • Enjoyed a successful career in a complex technology field. Became a Business Development Manager with clients such as Pacific Bell, Intel, NEC and Cisco.
  • Moved to New Smyrna Beach in 2009 and worked from an in-home office.
  • Retired in 2013 and turned focus towards volunteer activities.
  • Politicized by changes in NSB. Started auditing 20+ city meetings. Graduated from the Citizens’ Academy. Served on Code Enforcement Board.


  • Knowledgeable, experienced and ready to work- Day 1- Full time.
  • Not a one-issue candidate. Have a broader perspective on the city. I can see, for example, that advertising for Day Trippers creates traffic issues and strains our public safety resources while adding little revenue to our economy.
  • Owning only my home in New Smyrna, I am free of business and development conflicts. I have no obligations to any special interest group.
  • 30+ years working with major corporations, utilities and governments. I know how the bid process works. I know how to negotiate.
  • I observe city departments, staff and have visibility on how special interests are operating within the city government. I understand the complexity of interaction between the city, county and state.

    BIG ISSUES - And fast ways to make a difference.

  • Transparency in government – Tripod and phone for live-streaming meetings
  • Ethics – Put an Ethicist on retainer
  • Growth, development & the environment – Review projects for current codes and permits. Enforce Stop Work orders for non-compliance.
  • Traffic & parking – Put out advisory: Beach ramps closed. Visit Canal St.
  • Economic diversification - Canvass residents for needs/services.


  • Connected with neighborhoods and volunteer organizations.
  • Observer of city operations
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, prepared to lead.
  • Skilled at working with teams
  •  Ready to work full-time to represent residents and local businesses.


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